These few days as we lead into the Lion’s Gate portal have been huge for me. Processing a lot. Two big events and one retreat postponed, maybe even canceled as there is a big possibility of these lockdowns being extended. I have been feeling angry, outraged, sad, frustrated, confused, in complete disbelief and awe of what is happening with humanity,
Yes! We have been told by the ancient ones that the time was coming, that humanity was at a crossroads, but I honestly did not think I was going to live through something like this!
Freedom is one of the values I hold the highest, alongside Wisdom. Freedom is the right to choose, and without the possibility of choice, we become instruments, things. Having our freedom taken away from us, and witnessing the hiding of Universal Wisdom by the few in power is what really breaks my heart.
After a lot of crying, screaming, dancing, ranting and raving to my partner, and coming back to my center, (thank Spirit for my practices) I feel more than ever ready for this, once again transforming my rage into creative action.
After surrendering to a greater plan and moving through huge resistance, I have decided to go Online. My website is a week away from being released and I will be offering many journeys on this new platform… keep an eye out for that.
I have decided to change Sunday’s breathwork start time to 5.30 pm, but this journey will move online if the lockdown is extended. This is a powerful date to sit in ceremony and we can’t let this stargate close on us.
The few in power have been trying for millennia to shut us down, to feed us fear, to hijack us, and dissociate us into a state of polarity. However, we must keep fighting. Not a violent revolution, but one that starts within.
More than ever humanity needs ceremony. A sacred container that will allow you to surrender to the ego’s agenda. A safe space that will allow you to do the inner work, to rethink the cycle of death and rebirth, to connect with Spirit, and to increase your spiritual dimension.
It is time to envision the world that we want to re-create for ourselves and our children. It is time to connect with the sacredness of all life and to awaken the remembrance of our sacred role on and with this Earth.
… and this stargate is a powerful one to tap into these intentions. Lions gate offers us a portal for creation and transformation.
YES, we are all-powerful shamanic beings, and is our right to reclaim our sovereignty. Our awakening is the only way to reclaim our freedom. As we awaken to the dormant parts of ourselves, we remember who we truly are. We are given Universal Truth…
If you bought a ticket check your mailbox and please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
In Love, Truth, and Service,

Shamanic Breathwork


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