Patricia is a Ceremonialist, Munay-ki teacher, Shamanic Minister, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Kundalini Dance priestess and a former Mental Health Nurse. She identifies herself as an alchemist, an agent of transformation that is very passionate about assisting people to awaken their inner shaman so as to reclaim their sovereignty and remember their life’s sacred purpose.  

Patricia was born in Brazil and has been following her unfolding spiritual journey since the age of 12 and has deepened her understanding of herself and her spiritual path in many different practices most of them shamanic. As Patricia is passionate about life and our relationships with Pachamama and the Realms of Non-ordinary Reality, she loves to deepen her personal growth through experiential and practical practices which have immersed her in self-awareness, inter-relationships, healing and an expansion of her consciousness.

Patricia spent several years in Australia where she deepened into her studies of various shamanic practices, Mental Health Nursing and Counselling, and for her, most significantly, Kundalini Dance and Shamanic Breathwork. 

She is trained as a shamanic counsellor and has worked in the Health Care industry as a psychiatric nurse where she inter-wove her clinical practise and knowledge with her intuitive wisdom in order to promote deep, holistic, & transformative experiences for her clients.

Patricia loves to create a sacred container that allows her tribe to feel warm, secure and safe to fully express themselves authentically. Assisting them to awaken parts of self that they never knew existed, through breath work, dance, sound and complete expression of all that has been suppressed, whilst journeying alongside of them. 

Ways to work with Patricia

5 Week Journey with Breath

WOmb Healing JOuRneys

Shamanic  BreathWORk

Munay Ki
TeacheR TRaining

Kundalini Dance

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