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1:1 Elemental jOurney with BReath

In your training you will become a modern shaman, a caretaker of the earth that is steeped in the ancient wisdom of the Earth peoples and in cutting-edge neuroscience.

You will learn ancient shamanic practices that help to wire your brain for health, joy, and longevity.

the 5 Elements






EmbOdy the ELements

As human beings we are creations of the elements. We are literally made of the minerals of our planets earth, the fluidity of our planets water, the metabolic heat of our planets fire, the breath of our planets air, and the consciousness of our planets aether.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are in a continual dynamic play with the elements all around us and inside of us. Embodying the elements is what we do, it is who we are, and yet we have the ability to play with these elements in order to come home to our natural spontaneous state of joy. 


Journey with the elements

By understanding the elements, how they live in our bodies and how they are expressed through our bodies, we can access our deepest stability and our most expansive freedom. As thought by my beloved teacher Star Wolf, the creatrix of Shamanic Breathwork, there are five archetypal cycles of healing and change that we all move through in our everyday lives.

Five Cycles Of Shamanic COnsciOusness

These archetypes are known as the Five Cycles of Shamanic Consciousness and it constitutes the foundation for teaching people how to transform old patterns and birth long term changes in their lives.

The way we choose to react to life’s experiences is determined by how well we are able to manage each cycle. Each cycle is interconnected to an element. Therefore, by gaining a better understanding of the element connected to the cycle you are experiencing at the present time, you will be better able to embrace the characteristics of that element and utilise it as a guide during your life’s journey.

This five-week process will gift you with the understanding that Life is a Sacred Spiral Dance, moving you through a constant process of death and rebirth as you make conscious changes along the way. 

Self MasteRy

Every life lesson that has ever been presented to you will come back again, until you learn it. And the stakes each time will be higher. Whatever you have learned will bear greater fruit. Whatever you failed to learn will bear harsher consequences.

As you become aware of this process and begin to identity your own feelings, elements, archetypes and cycles you are moving through, you will more easily create long term changes as you reclaim your power and self-mastery over your emotions.


The intention of this 5 weeks is to provide a safe container for you to explore the teachings & wisdom of each element.

Each week you will learn, meditate, breath and integrate a different element. Opening yourself to receive the archetypal experience and the wisdom it holds. This is a path of direct experience that will provide you the tools necessary for your own personal growth.

Each one of us is a universe with unique complexities and world views and each one of us will have a different experience as we embody the elements and understand how the play in your life.

Breathwork has been a huge part of my journey, I’m very grateful for the ever continuous heart expansion that occurs when delving deeper into my own soul.

Letting go of terror, trauma, fear, it’s a safe space for me to really express to tap into my inner animal that wants to roar.

My inner jaguar energy is powerful, she’d been laying dormant for years, patiently waiting, ever knowing the time would come for her to swipe, to growl to crawl on all fours.

There’s a transformation on offer for all of us who choose to say yes with an open heart & open arms.

Very grateful to Patricia Gonçalves for her love & support holding me ever so deeply in my process. I highly recommend her work to anyone who feels the call to journey deeper within themselves. Who knows where it will lead.

Only your soul knows what’s best for you.
I have had the privilege of doing Breathwork and other ceremony with Patricia on many occasions. She holds space with such authenticity, wholeheartedness and wisdom. I highly recommend her and her services to support people on their journey.

Daniel Biernoff

5 week 1:1
TransfOrmatiOnal JOurney with Breath


5 Weeks

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Journey with the Elements of Nature

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Archetypal cycles of healing

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