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Private sessions with Patricia Silverwolf for mentorship, healing & guidance.

Private one to one Mentoring

Now offering transformational private sessions where we create a sacred container to assist you to level up emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally or sexually.  As a Ceremonialist, Kundalini dance priestess, Munay-ki teacher, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Womb Awakener, and a former Mental Health Nurse, in these sessions I share all my tools for personal transformation and companion you along the journey.

Bridging hEaVen & Earth

I love to create a safe sacred container that allows my clients to awaken parts of self that they never knew existed through breathwork, movement, sound, and complete authentic expression of all that has been suppressed whilst journeying alongside them. I am passionate about sharing medicinal ceremony that supports people in deepening connections to Mother Earth, Father Sky, power animals, and spirit carers, therefore, empowering the journey further. All ceremonies I hold are a celebratory experience to realign your life and your sacred purpose.  

Private Mentoring:

These one on one sessions are tailored to your personal needs, desires, and goals and offering DEEP AND POWERFUL transformation and healing in the areas of:

  • INNER CHILD work

Inner child work is an approach to recognizing and healing childhood trauma. It recognises that our behaviors as an adult stem from our childhood experiences. Inner child work focuses on addressing our unmet needs by reparenting ourselves

  • Shadow work

Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. This can include trauma or parts of your personality that you subconsciously consider undesirable

  • sacred sexuality

White tantra & Kundalini awakening

  • Embodiment practices

Heal through movement – use the body as a tool for healing through self-awareness, mindfulness, connection, self-regulation, finding balance, and creating self-acceptance. Embodiment explores the relationship between our physical being and our energy.

  • shamanic journeys

Soul Retrieval. Cord Cutting. Power animal journey. 

  • guided meditations

  • womb Awakening

 My intention is to empower my clients to reclaim their sovereignty, remember their spiritual heritage and divine design.

OMG… Patricia is amazing…
I am so lucky to have found her work.
Patricia Gonçalves provides the most sacred safe space for incredible transformation.
My best mate’s wife said that she never lets anyone in her personal space… but with Patricia… Patricia is so centered and so grounded and such a safe person that she was able to be processed by Patricia in the most incredible way to bring about huge personal growth and evolution… and my mate said she felt so “held” by Patricia and so free to go deep.
For me Patricia is just such a real human being and she brings such natural and deep qualities that allow me to open up and expand my soul in the best way possible.
World class breathwork.
Highly highly recommended.
Simon Morgan

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