Winter Solstice – Dark Night of the Soul

Date and Time:

19/06/2021 9:00 am - 20/06/2021 - 5:00 pm


Jandarra Farm, 264 Petsch Creek Rd, Tallebudgera Valley, Gold Coast, QLD, 4228, Australia

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The Winter Solstice is a perfectly aligned, highly potent time of year to journey with the shadow self. Merging with the cycles of Mother Earth as she turns from the darkest night, into the dawn of the shortest day. As we drop into the dark night of the soul, we will emerge and release what is no longer serving, calling forward the light of who we truly are.

This two-day Shamanic Journey will be held at a special place in Tallebudgera. Sacred country which will allow you to safely be held by Mama Earth/Pachamama as you dive deep into yourself. These will be full days, giving you the opportunity to experience many ways of honoring and accessing all aspects of yourself.

Peter Bowden of Shamanic Earth Medicine and Patricia Silverwolf team up once again to share their wealth of experience and wisdom with you. Between these two amazing shamanic beings, they bring a depth of potency and heart into whatever they co create. Through this weekend they will turn you inside out, awaken the fire within, drop you into depth of new beginnings and bring you into the power of love and light.

As you emerge out of this experience you will:

  • call forward the certainty and inspiration of who you truly are
    plant the seeds of next seasons
  • re-ignite the fire within to fuel your creations and sustain your re-emergence
  • celebrate the transition from dark to light and open your heart to receive the light of the Great Mystery

Some things to look forward to:

  • Smudging and Opening Ceremony
  • Sacred conversations about the deeper aspects of going into the depths of your being
  • Shamanic Medicine Drum Journeys
  • Dark night of the soul dance journey
  • Shamanic exercises
  • Journeys to connect deeper with Mama Earth
  • Sound and Crystal Bowl Healing to awaken us back into the light
  • Closing Circle

And more <3 This is for people who:

  • * are curious and wanting to connect with their shadow self
  • * are wanting to be held safely as they transcend trauma * are journeying within spaces of dis-ease
  • * are feeling ungrounded and lacking clarity
  • * want to learn how to access their light
  • * want to feel empowered and supported
  • * want to be fully held in the pure sparkling effervescence light of love
  • * want to connect with tribe This is an intimate journey of self-discovery as we move through the realms of shadow and light.

**If you are feeling to connect deeper with the land, there is an opportunity to camp.

**If you are a member of the Shamanic Mystery School there will be a 10% Discount. Please enquire

What to Bring:

  • * Yoga Mat, Blanket, Cushion
  • * Journal and pen.
  • * Wear warm comfortable clothes – Be mindful that it could be cool and you may also warm up.
  • * Water
  • *Sacred items for the alter


**If you are camping you will need $15 cash, your own camping gear and food for outside of the event time.

Peter, Patricia and the Shamanic Earth Medicine Team are so looking forward to sharing this amazing and powerful experience with you.

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